Common Expenses

This is a new project I’m working on for the Web Architecture master course of University of Trento.

Every student is free to choose the application domain but have to develop it using the technologies examinated during the course, here is a brief summary of what is expected.

My domain:

If you do not live in a big city you problably have to move and live in a flat in order to attend university. Living with other people means, between other things, share the expenses needed to ‘run’ the flat: bills, accounts, fees etc.

How do you divide the amout? Well it is not so hard I had a big Excel file which does the work.

But this has some problems: everybody needs to ask me to insert expenses or to have the monthly report or …

Wouldn’t it be smarter with a web app? Everybody could access the expenses without bother the guy who holds the Excel file.

If we want to generalize the whole thing we can look at the flat rental as a project and the tenants as the project participants sharing the expenses.

That’s what i will try to develop: an application which will help keeping track of common expenses on a generic project.


First I’ll try to make the app running on my laptop using the JAVA technologies we are asked and hopefully pass the exam 🙂 but then my goal is to deploy the app to Google AppSpot, this will require some changing on the code because AppSpot doesn’t provide the same ‘tools’ we are asked to use, fore example, DataStore instead of conventional database …

This is my first ‘serious’ Java project so I really hope to learn a lot!

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